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For now, Software is simply sorted into 4 self explanatory categories which can all be viewed from this page.  I plan to implement a searchable database system sometime in the near future.  Stay Tuned!

Complete 3D Environments
  • Megahedron: an advanced 3D graphics engine controlled by a high-level, interpreted programming language called SMPL. It can make dynamic, interactive scenes as well as static renderings. It does ray-tracing, too - even interactively in low-res in real-time, and networked distributed rendering. 
  • NeoGeo Blender Homepage  As a gift to the graphics community, they have released their own 3D design and animation software as freeware for SGI and Linux.
  • GLSpace: Free 3D Modeler for the X window system. Very similar in look and feel to Caligari's TrueSpace.
  • Moonlight Creator Homepage  A promising looking 3D environment.
  • Pixcon & Anitroll's Graphic Homepage: A free, source included, 3D animating and rendering package. 
  • MindsEye Project: Aims to create a complete 3D modeling and animation package for Linux. 
  • SGI OpenInventor: Open 3D package.  Available for Linux
  • Virtuoso Project: No product yet, but it's an idea for a 3D modeling and rendering environment for Linux. 
  • DIVE Homepage: Multiuser VR environment development for VRML
  • VisualPOV:  A Tcl/Tk graphical interface for the pov-ray renderer.
  • FLTK:  Fltk is a C++ gui toolkit written atop Xlib, with the ability to use OpenGL or Mesa windows if desired. Features are: extremely small and fast, LGPL, low-level and exactly compatable windoze port.
  • MAM/VRS:  A general purpose 3D graphics toolkit for c++.
  • MARS:  Modeling Animation and Rendering System. It is a system for creating and animating 3D objects, in a distributed and shared environment (like a LAN). It can transparently support any raytracer, and render on remote systems (in a LAN, or even WAN, as the Internet).
  • The Magician:  An implementation of OpenGL for Java. This allows for cross platform rendering applications. A wonderful development tool for OpenGL apps.
  • 3D Java viewer: This is a java 3D graphics engine.
  • Tremor: A 3D graphics engine. Includes a quake-like game.
  • Path3D: Allows for the creation of animated scenes using POVRAY.
  • GLTT Library:  gltt is a library that allows you to read and draw TrueType fonts in any OpenGL application. It supports bitmapped and anti-aliased font drawing as well as vectorized and polygonized drawing.
  • xfpovray: Graphical Interface for povray.
  • Font3D: A command line utility to create a scene using TrueType fonts, and turning them into 3D text.
  • tkPovShell: Graphical Interface for the povray renderer. 
  • SART: Free rendering library for Guile 
  • GIRAM:  A Modeler that uses GTK+.
  • LinuxCAD: Freedom of Choice CAD ( or also known under title LinuxCAD ) is a Computer Aided Drafting package in many aspects analogous to well known product AutoCAD of Autodesk Inc.
  • VariCAD: 2D/3D engineering CAD system for PCs and workstations Windows NT, Windows 95, Unix (Linux).
  • Varkon: VARKON can be used as a traditional CAD-system with drafting, modelling and visualization if you want to but the real power of VARKON is in parametric modelling and CAD applications development.
  • Amapi: A shareware modeler. The company who created it was bought by a larger corporation who then discontinued Amapi on both the Linux and SGI platforms. It seems to be a fully functional shareware program though.
  • Irit: A freeware solid modeler.
  • FreeDesigner: A 3D CAD Application for Linux.
  • AC3D Homepage: A modeling environment with integrated support for several rendering formats for programs.
  • EditBoy:  A 3d object editor and animator. Not yet available for download though.
  • SCED Homepage: Constraint Based Scene Design modeler. 
  • Sceda: Scene Editor/Animator 
  • AERO: A Physically based simulation and animation system for POV. 
  • MidNight Modeler 
  • 3dom Homepage: A general purpose 3D object modeler 
  • BRL-CAD: A powerful Combinatorial Solid Geometry (CSG) solid modeling system. (Military funded) 

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